• Welcome to Oxhill

    Welcome to Oxhill

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    St Lawrence Church Oxhill

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    The Peacock Pub

The Village of Oxhill

The village was first mentioned in the Domesday Book as ‘Octesele’ which derives from Ohtan Scylf, which meant Ohta’s ledge of land, hill, slope, or slight ridge. In 1236 it had become Osculve, but often written as Oxshull. The village lies in the Vale of the Red Horse. This name was taken from a horse figure cut into the red earth on the side of the Edgehill ridge. It is thought to lie to the west side of Sunrising Hill and is now covered by a plantation. The original figure is believed to date from Saxon times and was dedicated to the Saxon horse god ‘Tui’ from which Tysoe gets its name. The figure has been estimated to be 90 metres long and some 65 metres deep.

Oxhill’s small stream (which occasionally does flood and has blocked the road in the past) was referred to as the ‘torrent of Oxhill’ in 1241 and there was a mill with ponds and sluice which was given to Bordesley Abbey. The exact location of this mill is unknown.

Oxhill Parish Council

The village of Oxhill lies roughly half-way between the towns of Stratford-on-Avon and Banbury, on the borders of Warwickshire and Oxfordshire in the area known as the Vale of the Red Horse.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) response

The Parish Council are ready, willing and able to organise community support for any villagers who are affected by the current emergency situation.

Please let them know if you need assistance particularly if you are undertaking self-imposed isolation.

Initial contact e-mail, parish-council@oxhill.org.uk

Food deliveries from local businesses

Hot Meals Delivered from the Peacock Pub - 688060

Food Delivered from Tysoe Village Stores - 688333  Email order to mytysoeshop@gmail.com or @tysoevillagestores

Community Facebook pages

Oxhill Village Community - https://www.facebook.com/groups/648715415583564

Oxhill Community Advertiser - https://www.facebook.com/groups/2340365392937192