These are usually in the same form. The Rector or the Church Wardens or all three merely state to the Bishop at the Visitation that “all things are in good order”.

1664 Presentment by Church Wardens of Oxhill.

Our church is in good repair and we have all our Church books and ornaments.

We present the wife of John Hancock for a Popish Recusant. For the rest of the things contained in the Book of Articles we present all things well.

Signed - Anthony Blackford.

Presentment from Nicholas Meese, Rector.

This is to certify that ye sum total of ye levies gathered last year for ye poor of ye parish of Oxhill was £5. 0. 10 which is more than it has formerly been, ye poor still multiplying on us.

1676 Nicholas Meese, Rector, presentment.

The question - How many people in the parish obstinately refuse communion.

“We have no parish recusants, We have none who differ from ye Church of England.”

We have in our parish three score persons aged above sixteen years.

1679 Oxhill presentment.

We present nothing but I judge many things amiss, but I promise to give a better ( ) at the next visitation.

Signed - Daniel Blackford, Anthony Blackford Church Wardens

1717 Visitation at Henley in Arden, Warwickshire.

We have read over the articles, and have nothing to present.

Our Minister hath catechized or expounded from the beginning of Lent to this time.

1682 Our Church and churchyard mounds are in good repair.

We have a silver cup and pewter flagon for the communion table and rayles before the communion table and nothing presentable to the best of our knowledge.

Signed - Wm. Walton, Thos. Rawbone Church Wardens.