Oxhill Garden Club – an update – Spring 2021

Now that we have a reasonably clear idea of the way out of lockdown, we can begin to plan for some meetings and activities this year.

The plant sale outside the village hall last September was certainly a success and we can now plan for a similar event in May. Date is not fixed yet, but we will update you all through the various local media platforms. Hope everyone will just get sowing seeds for the event!

The Garden Club leaflet which you can see on this website shows the club activities pre-pandemic and we expect to review the whole programme to account for changes in membership, and the committee. We do need new blood to help us formulate the new programme and run the activities. If you would like to be involved with this, please do get in touch.

Since much of our news is put out through e-mails, if anyone who is not already on our list would like to be kept up to date and might like to join in with us at sometime in the future, please let me have your e-mail details.

Peter Rivers Fletcher – Programme co-ordinator


01295 680396

Click here to view the Oxhill Garden Club leaflet for more information.